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Germanic Immigration Records : 1850 - 1859 - List of Names of Ships

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Apr 20, 2014 - This area of our site displays a reference guide to ships used in the transportation of immigrants. For the immigration records found in our data, there are 1,202 ships that were used. We have listed them here in alphabetic order by name of ship, dates and ports of departures, passenger counts for each voyage, a selection of native countries or homelands of passengers and final destinations registered by a sample of passengers. Ship voyage information is displayed with 10 ships listed per page over 121 pages.
Ship Name
Dates Passengers Ports From To
A. B. Thompson
04-22-1854 177 Havre Baden, Hessen, Wurtemberg, Switzerland, Waldeck Hesse Nassau, France USA
A.f. Jennes
10-15-1850 46 Antwerp Germany, Switzerland, France USA
06-22-1852 14 Liverpool United States USA
11-10-1856 14 Liverpool Germany, United States USA
05-13-1852 32 Liverpool United States USA
Abby Langdon
01-11-1855 325 Havre Wurtemberg, Hessen, Switzerland, Baden, France, Bavaria New York
Abby Watson
07-23-1859 5 Nuevitas Prussia USA
08-27-1853 205 Liverpool Brunswick, Saxony Weimar Eisenach, Mecklenburg, Germany, Prussia, Saxony Cincinnati, Chicago, New York, USA, Indianapolis, Virginia, Columbus, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Ohio, Baltimore, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
05-22-1850 211 Havre Germany, France USA
05-11-1857 140 Havre Bavaria, France, Waldeck Hesse Nassau, Switzerland, Baden, Hessen USA
Adelaide Metcalf
03-28-1855 132 Havre France, Wurtemberg, Baden, Hessen, Switzerland, Prussia United States
04-13-1850 202 Havre Bavaria, France, Baden, Hessen, Germany, Wurtemberg New York, USA
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